Meat Grinder™ Attachment Heads

Meat Grinder

The slanted, patent-pending design of the Meat Grinder™ attachment head mimics the action of a therapists hands and elbow, allowing you to access your psoas, for instance, from an advantageous angle.  Moreover, you can do so without trapping your intestines between the head and your psoas muscle.  Measured from peak-to-peak, the Meat Grinder™ attachment heads can be adjusted between 2.25-13.5” and therefore is an effective tool for working on numerous muscle groups across all body shapes and sizes.  The Grinder is also an excellent tool to work on your glutes and neck. 

Meat Grinder
Meat Grinder
Meat Grinder

Thrival™ Release Board

Thrival Release Board

The patent-pending interface between the Release Board and the attachment heads is truly innovative.  All Thrival™ attachment heads are universal to the Release Board.  The ability to easily install attachment heads and remove them from the board is revolutionary.  Users can often even adjust the peak-to-peak width of attachment heads while laying on the Thrival™ product. Attachment heads when fully depressed into the slot will stay in the slot even when the board is turned upside down.  It’s so easy that we have reports that toddler-age children of users become transfixed with installing the colorful attachment heads into the board and removing them. With slot positions from 1 to 8 on both sides of the board, the ability to change the peak-to-peak distance for a pair of attachment heads has never been easier.  We all intuitively know that a one-size-fits-all approach does not effectively work for anyone not within that narrow range.  Logic dictates that you cannot expect a 100-lb woman to have the same peak-to-peak need as that of a 250-lb man.

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Roman Arch™ Attachment Heads

Roman Arch

The curved, patent-pending design of the Roman Arch™ attachment head allows you to place your spine between the ridgelines of the two Arches, while also being narrow enough to fit between your shoulder blades.  The ridgelines of the Arch give a deep tissue massage, using only your body weight, to the overlapping muscle groups adjacent to the spine including the Erector Spinae, Rhomboid Minor, Rhomboid Major and Trapezius.  The Arches can also put your lumbar and thoracic spine into extension for a uniquely satisfying stretch of the back. Measured from peak-to-peak, the Roman Arch™ attachment heads can be adjusted between 1.5-12.25” and therefore is an effective tool for working on numerous muscle groups in the back and across all body shapes and sizes.

Roman Arch

Bullseye™ Attachment Heads


This legacy design is familiar to people who have been trying to get psoas release prior to the Thrival™ Meat Grinder™ attachment heads.  We include the Bullseye™ design into the complement to give athletes more options.  Measured from peak-to-peak, the Bullseye™ attachment heads can be adjusted between 5-16” and therefore is an effective tool for working on numerous muscle groups across all body shapes and sizes.   

Thrival™ Travel Release Board

Travel Release Board

The Travel Release Board also works with all Thrival™ attachment heads.  With slot positions from 1 to 5 on both sides of the board, the ability to change the attachment heads peak-to-peak distance is maintained for 90% of the functionality of the full-size Release Board.  The Travel Release Board has a patent-pending interlock system between the two halves of the board where they fit together like two puzzle pieces.  This allows the you to easily disassemble the board into halves that can be stuffed into the nooks of a carry-on or backpack like two paperback novels. 

Advantages Over Other Products

  • Thrival™ is designed by athletes for athletes!
  • Can be used to massage numerous muscle groups.
  • Enjoy muscle release and relief.
  • Gain mobility, better posture, and flexibility.
  • Thrival™ is ADJUSTABLE.
  • Not everyone’s anatomy is the same size.
  • Adjust separation of attachment heads to 8 positions per side allowing for 64 overall positions.
  • This product will fit any person’s anatomy.
  • Thrival™ is VERSATILE.
  • Not all muscle groups can be reached using a one-size-fits-all-approach.
  • Optimized attachment heads for different muscle groups.
  • Meat Grinder™ attachment heads (psoas, glutes and neck)
  • Roman Arch™ attachment heads (lumbar and thoracic back)
  • Bullseye™ attachment heads (psoas and shoulders)
  • Thrival™ is EXPANDABLE.
  • New, innovative attachment head designs arriving in mid-2021.
  • Travel-friendly Release Board shipping late-May.