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You’re here because you know you need a better way to perform self-care. Foam rollers work well for a few things and a lacrosse ball or two can get to a few more, but trying to do self manual therapy with mediocre tools like these is ineffective and a huge waste of time.

Why thrival?

You need a better way to perform self-care.

We know this, and as a couple of ski racers, we were constantly running to physical therapy or the chiropractor for treatment. The inevitable pain, soreness, and injury that results from hard training can put you out for weeks or months. That’s a huge loss of valuable training time. We needed a better way. We needed a tool that could be used on the whole body and we needed a way to take care of ourselves without spending time and money on chiropractor and physical therapy visits.

That’s when we invented Thrival. Using a 3D printer and a lot of trial and error, we finally figured out that the problem with most recovery tools is that they are good for one thing only, and one body size.

We made Thrival to be totally adjustable for any size person.

Then, we realized that no tool out there had the right angle to get to hard-to-reach muscles. With three different shapes, there is an attachment that works for every part of every-body. But, we didn’t stop there. The other big problem with self-care is that most people don’t know what to do. You get some tool home and can’t figure out how to use it. So, we decided to make sure everyone who bought a Thrival would know exactly how to use it confidently. How to Use It.

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"Out of adversity comes opportunity."

- Benjamin Franklin

Our Thrival Story

A once-in-a-lifetime pandemic locks the world down in March 2020.  A father urges his son to stop scrolling Instagram and do something productive with his new-found time. They decide to learn a 3D-modeling software program called Solidworks together. After gaining some proficiency, two 18yo friends who happen to be competitive alpine ski racers, brainstorm for two-weeks about what product they could try to develop. Having both dealt with nagging psoas and back issues from ski racing, they decide to create a product to help with the problem. Crash courses in 3D-printing, injection molding manufacturing, plastics, supply chains, marketing and many other business activities follow.  One thing leads to another and Thrival Muscle Recovery is born.  True story!


Dominic Rainville & Cam Smith
Thrival Muscle Recovery
Co-Owner John Doe

Cam Smith

Cam Smith is a D1 ski racer at Boston College. Currently, Cam is studying Computer Science and minoring in Marketing. He grew up in Mill Valley, CA and skied out of Squaw Valley, CA before moving to Vermont to attend Burke Mountain Academy for three years. Cam next took two post-graduate years with the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club in Colorado. When not ski racing, Cam can be found mountain biking, skateboarding and learning how to play his guitar.

Co-Owner John Doe

Dominic Rainville

Dom is a Canadian FIS alpine skier from the Quebec town of Sainte-Julie.  Dom grew up skiing for the Mont-Orford Ski Club before crossing the border to attend Burke Mountain Academy in Vermont for two years.  Dom next took a post-graduate year and skied with the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club.  Dom is a D1 ski racer for the University of New Hampshire (UNH) and is studying business. When not ski racing, Dom can be found playing soccer with his brother, mountain biking and weightlifting.

Co-Owner Jane Doe

Bill Smith

Bill is not a FIS alpine skier!  Instead he is a small business entrepreneur. Bill grew up in Vienna, VA before attending Clarkson University and receiving a EE degree. Bill currently lives in Steamboat Springs, CO after stints in Mill Valley, CA and East Burke, VT. He can typically be found trail running in the high Rockies and hiking through national parks when not standing along ski race courses.

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